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Hello there sexy! I'm Jenna and I am so happy you decided to take a look at my profile. The first thing you probably notice about me is my blonde hair. I love how thick it is and I can wear it in so many different ways to suit my mood or the occasion. For example, I look really cute when I put it in braids but I can also look sophisticated when I wear it up in a French knot.


I grew up in a small town just outside Las Vegas and have been told that I have a girl next door look that is very appealing. Even though I am 23 years old, many people think I am much younger and cannot believe that I am really old enough to buy alcohol. Maybe it is because of this that I absolutely love to go bar hopping with my friends. When you get a big group of us girls together so that we can hit all the neighborhood bars and clubs, you know there is going to be a lot of loud and happy laughter and fun.


And that would be the word I would choose to describe myself if I was limited to only one: fun. Not only do I love to have fun but my personality enables me to look at every situation and figure out how I can have the most fun ever with it.


Men seem to really like my ass and I have to admit that I think it is one of my best features. I was blessed with the type of good genes that gave me a tight and sculpted ass that makes me look super good in short shorts and tight skirts. When I pair this type of bottom up with a shirt that shows off my ample breasts, I can practically see the men drooling.


Ok. I admit that I am also a bit of a tease. There is nothing that I like more than showing a man a flash of my breast when we are out in public. I know that he is going to be thinking about seeing my tits but he is not going to be able to do anything at all about it. It is all about building the anticipation so that it can be brought to a head when we are alone together.




Fun is electricity. That probably sounds like a strange way to look at things, but it’s true. Think about when you see people who are out having a good time. Don’t you just want to be them? Don’t you feel they seem likable even if you don’t know them? When you see friends having a good time, that makes you want to be just like them, see what they see, feel what they feel. You want to laugh and talk and joke with them. Fun is the ultimate peer pressure. We all want to be part of the fun and none of us wants to be left out of it.


If you think about the television shows you like most, what do they have in common? Shows like Friends are all about, you know, friends. And what holds all friendships together? It’s fun. We wouldn’t waste time with people we didn’t think were fun. We wouldn’t want to be around them. And when someone you know stops being fun, that’s when you let him or her go and move on to something different.


I want always to live my life looking for more fun. For the next fun thing. For the next new thing. Variety is the spice of life, they say, but that’s why fun is as important as it is. We don’t live more than a few years on this spinning ball of rock in the middle of space. Why wouldn’t you want every minute of your life to be filled with as much enjoyment as possible? Growing up in a small town, we learned that lesson well. People in small towns don’t have the resources that people living in big cities do. We don’t have the same types of movies and other amusements. In a big city, you can see any of ten movies on a Friday night. In a small town, you’re lucky if the movie theater gets the newest releases, and probably they come a lot later. There’s no such thing as meeting new people in a small town, too, because once you’ve put yourself out there, you see the same people all the time. You get to know everybody. And while that feeling of closeness can be really nice, it means that nobody is ever a surprise. Nobody is ever new or a mystery.


That was why when I was in school we would get so excited whenever a new boy moved into town. It didn’t happen that often, but when it did, we were all on the prowl, looking to impress him, looking to make an impression. We all wanted to be the sexiest girl he had ever met. Even before we really knew what that meant, that’s what was on our minds. That’s part of what makes me who I am. I wake up every day wanting to be the sexiest girl I can be. I ask myself, “How can this sexy girl have new fun experiences? Where do I have to go? Who do I have to meet? And where COULD I go, and who COULD I meet?” That’s what it means to embrace fun as a lifestyle, and to know that’s what you’re about, all day, every day.


People respond to that. People see that spirit of fun in you and want to take hold of it. Just like the cool kids in the television shows about friends, you want to be part of that in crowd. Even if it’s just you and the girls from your sorority or your friends you’ve known your whole life, that’s what fun is.

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