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Tall and blonde, I exude sophistication and charm. Men and women alike turn and stare at me as I enter a room. I have a cool and statuesque presence that is intensifies my charm and beauty. Perhaps it is my European upbringing as I am originally from France and grew up all over Europe as my family had to move for my father's job.


I traveled to the United States as a teen on an educational trip and soon realized that I wanted to move here permanently. I chose Las Vegas for its city atmosphere that never sleeps and its close proximity to California. I have done some modeling and want to be near the movie capital of the world in order to continue to promote that area of my life.


My French accent has been mentioned by men several times as one of my top features. I love to whisper sexy words into the ears of the men I am with. This seems to really set the mood and it drives them wild with desire. It turns me on to see my partner so excited to be able to enjoy my young, firm and sensual body.


One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is to take in a show at one of the many casinos or theaters in the city after having dinner and drinks. I then like to go somewhere and relax while reliving the wonderful music or show we were just an audience of. In many cases, this ends up being back at an area hotel room where we can order room service before settling in to get to know each other better. You see, it is only through this intimate conversation that I am able to get to know your innermost desires and fantasies. I can then help make them come true.


In other cases, sometimes we go out clubbing to rid ourselves of a bit of excess energy before winding the evening down with some more intimate time together. I simply love being with men so I am always up for more adventure and excitement. If I am not busy every day, all day, doing some new and exciting, I can get quite bored. I have a great deal of energy and love to do physical activities so that I can burn it off.




I can remember the first time I realized just how much energy I have as a person. You know how when you see little kids, and they always seem to have so much energy, always running and jumping, never able to stand still? Children are incredible like that because they are innocent. They see the world through completely unpolluted eyes. They wake up every day excited to be awake, because every day is a new adventure. Do you remember what it was like to be that way, to go to bed disappointed that you were going to miss something, and then to wake up early full of excitement and energy because you got to do new things with that brand new day?


I always try to be that way. When I wake up, it’s with the excitement of a kid at Christmas, every day, because I don’t want to waste a single moment. I want to be able to get up, try something new, taste something delicious, feel my body as I get in the shower and let the water play along my skin. I want to be able to say, at the end of the day, that I was running at full speed, that I met new and wonderful people, that I took on new challenges and learned new skills. You know how after a long day, a small child falls asleep wherever he is, no matter what position he’s in, when he was going a mile a minute just before that?


That is the way every one of us should try to be. It is why I get so excited about trying new experiences, about pleasing my lovers, about being part of this incredible world. We live in a time when everything is incredible. We are surrounded by so much beauty, so much art, so much entertainment. Everything is incredible, but no one is truly happy. i think that might be one of the greatest shames of the world, and I try not contribute to it. Every day I try to be grateful for the incredible things in my world.


I have noticed that men are turned on by an accent like mine. It is because men crave what is exotic. All their lives, men have been surrounded by women who think a certain way, who speak a certain way, who do certain things. This is normal. But when a man finally has something that is new and different, he is attracted to it immediately. Different does not mean better. It just means different. If a man had been around women all his life who looked like me and had my accent, his head would be turned by the first person who sounded different, who looked different, who represented what was exotic. I understand this and I embrace it. I love being different. I love being something more than the average, than the usual. When I take a lover’s hand in mine and press my lips to my lover’s, I feel us becoming like one and I want to speak his name. The fact that my voice makes him turned on, that is a turn on to me. I take great comfort in his excitement. This is why a woman needs to feel special and unique. This is what helps a woman to feel beautiful. Anyone can be beautiful on the outside. To be beautiful on the inside takes work. It takes an understanding of who you are as a person. You have to keep at it if you are going to be successful. There are no guarantees.

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