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My name is Jenny and I have long blonde hair that brushes by tight little ass. My large dark eyes are always made up so that they look even more spectacular every time I see you. Cool, collected and sophisticated are words that describe me to a T.


I am actually a transplant to the area from back east. I grew up in the Hamptons area of New York so I am pretty well versed in the way that the upper classes members of society behave. My parents had many dinner parties that I was allowed to attend from a young age due to my poise and confidence.


An only child, I felt the need to get away after graduating from high school. While my parents exposed me to the ways of the upper class, I was not able to have very much in the way of fun while I was a child. Once I turned 18, I decided that I was done not having fun and I headed out.


A childhood friend who went to college in Las Vegas invited me on a visit. I loved it so much that I never left after that first visit. Oh don't get me wrong. I still go home and see my parents at least once a year. When I came to Las Vegas though I knew that I had found my true home.


I loved exploring the city when I first arrived here. I could not wait until my friend was done with her classes so that we could go and hang out at the casinos for a bit of gambling fun. It was during one of those trips that I saw a blurb about being an escort in Las Vegas and offering the discerning man the girlfriend experience without all the unpleasantness of actually having a girlfriend.


You see, there is a bit of a hidden side to my upbringing. Even though I was very active in a number of different pursuits from chorus and theater to art and sports, I told my parents that I had to practice and study much more often than I actually had to. Instead of doing all the studying and practicing like I told them, I was busy exploring my sexuality. I discovered that I fully appreciate what both men and women can bring to the table.




There was a time, though, when I really did explore my love of the theater and of performing. I still watch those performance shows, where people sing and dance. I think we’re all a little fascinated with things like that. It isn’t just spectacle. It isn’t just that we enjoy seeing people judged, are though that’s part of it. After all, seeing other people who are bad at what they do called on being bad is kind of a little moment of justice. We all like to see justice done, and we all hate it when someone arrogantly believes they’re better at something than they really are. But most of the time when I watch shows like that, it isn’t to see the judges telling foolish people that they’re foolish. It’s to see truly talented people doing what they love.


One of the reasons I got into theater performance was because I wanted a chance to be somebody I wasn’t. That’s not a bad thing. Sure, people sometimes are so desperate to get away from their lives that they live in worlds of fantasy, learning not to separate their fantasies from what’s real. That can be unhealthy, and it’s why we tend to look down on people who have fantasies and who share them. But I think sharing your fantasies is one of the most beautiful things you can do with another person. It really helps you get in touch with who they are and what they are like. When you are with someone you truly care about, and they trust you enough to tell you something hidden deep down inside them, maybe even something they’ve never told another human being, there is no more powerful expression of affection for another person.


When I run my hands along my lover’s shoulders and I whisper into his ear, most men find that incredibly sexy all by itself. But now imagine that I’m whispering, “Tell me your darkest, deepest, dirtiest fantasy. Tell me the things you want that you think are completely forbidden. Open up your heart and soul to me and tell me the thing you want most of all that you’ve never had a chance to have.” How incredible would it be to have someone share that with you? How special would you feel? How much does it rock your world to be able to give that to somebody, to help them act out what they love and desire most? When I am into someone, that’s how I am to them. You’ve got to know how to handle yourself, how to be kind to the person you love.


Life is all about kindness. If you can’t be kind, you may as well not be who you are. That was why it was so important to me to explore who am I and who I was... and who I am going to be. We’re all changing, every day, just a little bit, or maybe a lot. And there is no better way to explore what you want to be than to get in touch with your body. Sometimes I look in the mirror, and I follow the curves of my body, and I think about how incredible it is to have what I have. When you can recognize that, that is truly powerful sexually. Other people will notice when you have that kind of connection to yourself. I walk around Las Vegas and still look at the buildings like a tourist might. I adore this city, and every day I get closer to it. It’s wonderful to live and work here.

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