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  • State: Nevada
  • Country: USA
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I am so glad you clicked on my profile! Since you did so, I can guess that you like brunettes with big breasts. My picture also highlights my slim hips and flat tummy. I have always wanted to be a model when I grew up and I remember having that dream since I was a small child. I decided to move to Las Vegas in order to be closer to those modeling opportunities that might crop up.


As you can see, my name is Victoria. Even though my name is kind of old fashioned, you will not find anything old fashioned about me. Instead you will find a fully modern woman who knows that she is sexy and who is not afraid to embrace it and let it lead her to a better life that is more fun and fulfilled.


I have always been a glass half full kind of girl and I have found that there are plenty of people who flock to me because of my positive outlook on life. There is simply no way that I can be in a bad mood for longer than about five minutes. When something gets me down, I tend to shake it off and simply deal with it instead of wallowing in self pity.


My body always has to look its very best in case a studio or agent calls me up for an interview. I dance several times a week at a local studio so that I can keep up my stamina and so I can learn some new techniques to add to my routine. In addition to being a model, I hope to one day be able to break into show business and star in movies and television shows.


One of the ways I want to do so is by breaking into the porn industry. I do not have very many contacts when it comes to this segment of the entertainment business but I am hoping to make more very soon. I get pretty excited when I think that I might be able to be paid to perform some of my favorite activities, all while being firmed.


As if you might have guessed, I am not really a shy person. I am pretty much an open book who has nothing to hide. I enjoy living my life large and love to move around in the fast lane of life as well.




Men play that game where they try to decide if a woman’s breasts are real or not. On some level, of course, they act like they care, but really, the whole “are they real or are they fake” thing boils down to, “if you can touch them, they’re real.” Most of the men who claim that it matters if a woman is “natural” or has breast implants will, when it comes right down to it, gladly go to bed with a woman who has had her boobs done. But all of that is superficial. A man wants a woman who is attractive, yes, and most men are very visual when it comes to what turns them on. But there’s more to it than that.


A woman who works on her body, whether it’s through exercise or though having work done like that, is doing so because she wants to be the most attractive woman she can be. Yes, she wants to feel good when she looks in the mirror, but if she lives on an island alone, it wouldn’t really matter, would it? On some level, every woman knows that when she is working on looking sexy, it’s for those people who look at her. You know, men. She wants to please them. She wants to turn them on. She wants them to look at her and desire her.


It isn’t that a woman wants men to foam at the mouth and start throwing themselves at her when she walks down the street. Well, maybe some women would like that. But a woman wants to know that whenever a man sees her, even if he’s happily married and would never cheat on his wife, he is also amazed by her beauty. The more he aches to put his hands all over her incredible naked body, the happier she is, even if it’s all just in her mind, because she knows she looks that good. To me, that’s part of being a modern woman, part of being empowered and liberated. What is true “girl power?” It’s knowing that you’re in command of your body, that you can command the attention of the men in any room you walk into. Being modern is about knowing where you stand and knowing the world is at your feet. To be modern isn’t to throw away tradition, but it is to say that there are no artificial rules holding you back. There’s no “glass ceiling” and there’s no other reason you can’t get what you want with what you were born with.


One of the reasons I love dancing is because you get out of the dance experience whatever you bring to it. If you were angry and full of energy and you bring that to the dance, then that is what is expressed. People see that and the more powerful it is, the more wowed they are by your dancing. But it’s more than that. When you get out on that floor, you’re doing this ritual. Other men might come up and dance with you. It’s a ritual with steps as old as time, as they move in on you, try to show you that they are worth your time. A woman who can attract more men on the dance floor can attract more men in life in general. She isn’t just moving her body. She’s expressing her personality, and that’s what is getting men into what she’s doing. Her personality is what sells the dance. Nobody wants to see a body just flail around, moving their arms and legs with nothing behind it.

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